Privacy policy

Confidentiality & Data Protection

  • All WFS and volunteers are informed of the need to keep details of attendees confidential.  

• All discussions with participants of Forest School are confidential and must not be discussed with anyone outside of the Forest School establishment unless there is a Child Protection issue (see Child Protection Procedures for guidance).  

• Any discussions of participants at Forest School are confidential and must not be discussed with anyone outside of the Forest School establishment.  

• When publishing evaluation forms of participants all names are changed to protect the individuals identity. 

 • All parental consent forms and medical details for each group are held by the Forest School Leader in charge of every session and accompany the group for each Forest School session. When the group are not attending Forest School their medical details and parental consent forms are kept within a locked cabinet within the Wildair offices. On completion of any courses, paper items will be destroyed and electronic information deleted. 

• All other documents (i.e. evaluations) containing young peoples’ personal details are kept within a locked cabinet in Wildair offices.  

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and in line with GDPR WA will:  Use personal information fairly and lawfully; collect only the information necessary for a specific purpose(s); ensure it is relevant, accurate and up to date; only hold as much as we need, and only for as long as we need it; allow the subject of the information to see it on request; and allow them to request to withdraw their information and keep it secure. Nature of work description Forest school, free-lance outdoor instruction and wilderness therapy. 

 Reasons/purposes for processing information: 

We process personal information to enable us to provide: education, therapy, supervision, training, to monitor our services, to promote our services, to maintain our own accounts and records, to support and manage our employees/workers. When we hold data we will inform the individual of the data we hold, how we store it, how long we keep it for and who it is shared with. They can request to see that data and we will provide that within 30 days. They can request for the data to be corrected, erased or the processing restricted.

Type/classes of information processed: We process information relevant to the above reasons/purposes. This may include: personal details  family details financial details of workers for the purpose of payment training details education and employment details.

We also process sensitive classes of information that may include: physical or mental health details racial or ethnic origin professional body membership DBS details Insurance details Personal identification documents Who the information is processed about 

We process personal information about: 

Customers (schools, organisations, individuals) – email addresses and contact numbers, names of and roles of staff/individuals, Clients (adults and children) – personal details, Students – contact and relevant personal details. Trainers – contact details, relevant personal details, and finance for payment Workers – contact details, relevant personal details, and finance for payment suppliers – contact details and finance for payment.

Date for review: May 2019 

Ongoing reviews and changes will also take place in line with any industry or government recommendations.